United Income Application Design System
United Income's primary product was a web-based financial planning and wealth management application. Over the course of my four years at the company, it evolved from a fairly simple UI to an absolutely insane one. The design system grew with it—sometimes for the better and sometimes not!
My Roles
    •  Art Director
    •  Visual/UI Designer
    •  Design System Creator & Manager
    •  Illustration
    •  UX Contribution
Link to the Invision DSM
The internet is a wonderful place that maintains documentation long after brands evolve and move on to bigger and better things. Here is a link to the complete United Income Application Design System as it existed before we adopted Capital One Enterprise brand standards.
Related Projects
Some snippets from the United Income Design System

Yes, we had something called "McGonagall" in this app.

The App in Motion!
Here are a few short videos that show some of the interaction design and motion design we included in the application.

Compare Plans functionality

Financial Plan Projections interaction

Question Flow Interaction (This is McGonagall, by the way. Long story.)

We had pretty complex question flows. Here is what it would look like to make an edit to such a flow.

They let me have fun with animated gifs, haha

A Cool New Feature
Here is a cool Financial Plan Summary feature we designed toward the end of my time with the company. We were looking for a more thorough and informative way to summarize a user's financial plan while showcasing our value props as an organization and providing a more comprehensive comparison of plan versions. This design was created alongside a UX lead. We conducted several brainstorming sessions to lock in the experience and interface elements.
In my opinion, this feature is one of the strongest designs we put forth from a research, experience, and interface point of view.
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