United Income Marketing Website Design
United Income was a financial planning and wealth management solution founded in the summer of 2016 and acquired by Capital One in 2019. We combined new technology; innovative algorithms, models, and methodology; and a team of wealth management experts to analyze the interrelationships of our customers' financial decisions more thoroughly than had been possible before. The financial planning and investment strategy solutions we produced with this approach dramatically improved our ability to build wealth for these folks over the course of their lives. We offered an especially robust set of tools for folks approaching and transitioning into retirement.  
Our marketing website evolved over the years. The goal of this latest design was to explain the concept of our application as thoroughly-yet-succinctly as possible. We had added several large features since our last website update so we needed to update the info to accommodate. We also wanted to strike a comfortable visual balance between old world investing and new-age robos. 
My Roles
    •  Art Director
    •  Brand Strategist
    •  UI Designer
    •  Illustrator
    •  Content Contributor
    •  UX Contributor
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Homepage Design (and a few others)
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The Website in Motion
Here are a few short videos showcasing the interaction and motion design featured in the website.

Homepage interaction.

Article Interaction

Team Page Interaction

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