Brentabl Brand Ecosystem
Brentabl was an app concept that attempted to modernize the tool rental process for folks who want to do home projects without having to buy and store single-use tools. Over the course of about a year, the team developed a mobile app  and several social media advertising campaigns to test the concept. Though it didn't gain enough traction to move forward financially, we were able to create a fully functional, customer friendly app that got approved for the Apple App Store within a few short months. 
It was also a really fun opportunity for me to combine my design and illustration skills into a single visual brand. Many thanks to CEO Myles Anderson for the trust in that regard!
My Roles
    •  Art Director
    •  Visual Designer
    •  Brand Strategy Contributor
    •  Illustrator
Related Projects
Some Initial Concepts
Final Visual Brand. Yep! There was a name change. Pesky URLs.
Below is a sampling of Brand Illustration. See more here.
Brand in use: Apple App Store Screenshots
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